Zippo Christmas Tree with LED Lights


Zippo is a metal lighter made by Zippo, USA. Zippo's windproof technology can meet the needs of ignition in any bad weather. Its fuel is a very stable petroleum extract, and the flame produced by it is not only safe and reliable, but also extremely clean.


Christmas is also called Christmas Day. It is translated as "Christian Mass". It is derived from the Saturnalia that the ancient Romans greeted the New Year. It has nothing to do with Christianity. After Christianity prevailed in the Roman Empire, the Holy See gradually circulated this folk festival into the Christian system while celebrating the birth of Jesus. But this is not the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day, because the Bible does not record the specific day when Jesus was born, nor did he mention such a festival. It is the result of Christian absorption of ancient Roman mythology.

Most Catholic churches will hold the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve on December 24, the early morning of December 25, while some Christian churches will hold good news and then celebrate Christmas on December 25; Christianity A big branch - the Christmas celebration of the Orthodox Church is on January 7 of each year.

Christmas is also a public holiday in the Western world and many other regions, such as Hong Kong and Macau in Asia, Malaysia, and Singapore.


So, for Zippo, Christmas Day is a very big promotion window, they will prepare vast of POP materials to ignite the consumer’s buying interest every year.


In the year of 2019, Zippo asked us to provide some new designs of POP material as usual, cause we made the design for American Greeting on a Christmas greeting card display which with LED shinning lights, example below:


Then, we provide the idea for Zippo but update the design on a single Christmas Tree Design. Which can be placed on a counter top / check point at retail stores, also, with a controller, there are 6 models of shinning to choose, very interesting and attractive.

See picture and video below:


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