Your Products Deserve a Nice Christmas Display Stand


Christmas is on the corner, are you ready to go all out to Christmas promotion of your products.

Everything is ready? 

I’m afraid not, your products also need a cool Christmas Cardboard display stand like your competitors below.

So, why a cardboard display stand is so function for Christmas promotion window?

The answers are below.


A. Advertising Tool


Cardboard poster display stand can be color printing, is a very cost-effective advertising carrier. Cardboard poster stand can be printed client’s own business or brand logo, to celebrate the festive day, you can also combine the specific needs of businesses, printing different patterns or colors with a distinctive, to a great extent different merchants different product features, greatly enhance the effectiveness of the product publicity.


B. Environmental Friendly


Paper advertising stand mainly made out of the high quality printing paper and high hardness cardboard, enough to carry promotional goods, and meet the stringent environmental requirements. POP up display stands in the process of development through continuous improvement in terms of structure can be based on the weight of specific products to design and improvement, to meet the needs of different goods bearing.


C. Widely Used


A variety of color shapes. For a variety of large-scale promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibitions and so on. Designs, colors and shapes can be freely and creatively designed with excellent publicity effect. The paper marketing display stands can be fully integrated with the publicity needs of the business in the appearance structure, and can be designed with different shapes to attract consumers' attention.


D. Cost Effective & Light Weight


Light weight, can be flattened stacked, saving shipping logistics costs, can be used repeatedly. Paper exhibition rack compared to other much lighter, in the packaging and shipping methods can also choose according to the specific situation of different shipping methods, transportation can save some logistics costs, thereby reducing the purchase cost.


E. Easy to be Assembled


Enterprise products need to do the terminal display, in the choice of similar display equipment, paper free standing poster display, the smallest, lightest, detachable folding, can be a complete set of paper retail poster display installed in the same box, to ensure the convenience store installation.

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