Why POP Display Stand Getting Intense Competition


For the past year, despite the fact that many cardboard POP display companies have said that business is becoming more and more difficult, overall, the cardboard POP display industry continues to grow. The reason for this phenomenon is undoubtedly the increasingly fierce competition in the cardboard POP display industry. The earliest mainland cardboard POP display began to be around 2000. At that time, only three paper product factories in the more developed Guangdong region designed and manufactured paper display stands. . In just 18 years, companies that produce paper display stands have been located in first-tier cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

Many entrepreneurs have spotlighted the prospects of the cardboard POP display industry. Paper shelves have the advantages of low cost, resource saving, good mechanical processing performance, adaptability to mechanized production, ease of printing, harmlessness and non-toxicity when used, and easy recycling. Therefore, in the field of commodity carriers, paper shelves, paper stacks, and PDQ display boxes are very popular among merchants. Because paper shelves are green, environmentally friendly, they are the first to be used for product display racks. In the current world of energy conservation and prevention of environmental pollution, pollution-free and pollution-free “green ideas” are quietly rising around the world. They not only meet the requirements of aesthetics, weight-bearing, and convenient transportation, but also facilitate recycling. The corrugated cardboard materials that cause environmental pollution will undoubtedly have broader development prospects than plastic, glass, and metal materials. The cardboard POP display industry is a typical midstream industry with narrow upstream and wide downstream. The upstream carries the paper making industry, and the downstream connects the fast moving consumer goods industries such as food and beverages, daily chemical products, and durable consumer goods such as electronics and home appliances. Cardboard POP display can be divided into floor-type paper shelves, linked to paper shelves, wall-mounted paper shelves, paper piles. There are PDQ display boxes, paper advertisements, etc. The above picture is an example of a paper pile produced by Vaughan in a store. It can also be learned from the above figure that the paper shelf is a very important advertising carrier for the store, and the paper shelf has become a common item in the store. Give everyone a look at a set of data At present, paper shelves are mainly based on the demand for food and beverages and daily chemical products, with the demand accounting for more than 60%, and the packaging demand for household appliances and electronics industry is about 20% to 30%. There are relevant statistics for 2012-2015 corrugated cardboard production from 27 million tons to 43 million tons in 2015, and the growth rates were 3%, 5%, 6.8%, and 10%. From the above data, we can easily see that the paper shelf industry is Year by year. The demand for paper shelves is also quite large.

As a veteran-level enterprise in the paper shelf industry, WOW, as long as we do what our customers want, meet our customers' needs, and complete what our customers want to accomplish. So in the face of increasingly fierce industry competition, we WOW Display is also fearless.