Why Do We Need to Take the Sampling Charge


With 10 years of the sales of Cardboard Display Stand, we met many embarrassed situation like below.

The client showed very high interesting to one of our products and then gave us a inquiry, our professional sales follow up and take great care of every details of the project. Everything is good and we gave a very good impressive to this client. Then, we quote, client is happy to go ahead with the price we provided. To check the quality of our POP display stands and check the cardboard display shelves with their products, the client ask if we can provide a free sample, if sample is approved, they will definitely place the bulk order.

Our sales told the client that the sampling charge is US$ 50 or US$ 100 for a display.

Then, the client was getting a little upset and asked if we can provide a free sample, he would definitely place the order.

We rejected....

So, today, we would like to explain this details carefully to all our clients.

1. The production of cardboard display rack sample did produce costs.

Actually, the process of a cardboard display rack sample is pretty complex.

3D Design of Structure - Template - artwork - adjustment - digital printing - die cutting - gluing - waste clean - photograph - packaging

Whatever for a small counter display or large pallet display stand, we need to go overall above steps. Each step has the costs.

Factories are of scale effect, and the production cost of large orders is very low. And the sample belongs to the custom, is designed by our master hand, do this sample needs a few days and a lot of energy to complete, the cost is very high. Besides, the sampling machine also needs depreciation cost. The cost is not borne by the supplier, but by the customers.

2. Designing Protection

As we all know, there are many many competitors in China of cardboard display stand manufacturing and the core difference for each company if the designing.

So, once we provide the sample, we also provide the design to our client as well.

That means, we also have the risks of providing the designing, then, the client would go with another competitor who do not have the designing capability and with a lower price.

As saying above, each step of cardboard display stand sampling has the cost incur, all we are focusing on is not make any cents on sampling but the mass production order.

Thus, let us put it another way, we do not charge the sample but the design.

However, here below are some situation we can provide the free sample.

1. VIP clients.

WOW provide the service for our VIP clients(we also provide priority of mass production for VIP clients as well; Every client has the chance to be VIP client).

2. For the client who would like to pay the 30% or 50% deposit of bulk order.

WOW will provide a PP sample (Pre-production sample) to our clients to check the quality and will also revise the sample to be perfect if the client paid the 30% deposit already.

3. Stock samples.

As WOW has 11 years of POP display manufacturing, we have many production samples in stock, so, if some clients would like to check our quality but with a very limited budget of the display project, we will send the free samples of our stock items.


So, hope above information will help to understand our situation and will have more and more support from you!


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