Which color is the best for Cardboard Display Shelf?


Sometimes, our clients who just start up their business and do not organize a designing team yet. So, it is very hard for them to prepare the printing artworks, this is a very common issue when proceeding a cardboard display shelf project.

The lucky thing is, WOW has our own designer teams whether for structural or graphics, both of them are at least 6 years of designing experience in their field, especially the leader of our design department Jason Li has won many awards in POPAI designing.

However, even in this case, we were still met a common issue-colors.

Cause most times, our designer team will provide the suggestion or proposal of coloring based on the designing and rich experience. But for our clients, as the saying goes, thousands of people has thousands of ideas, especially for the colors, cause there do not have a level or standard to judge which color is good or bad. They all subjective feelings.

So, today, WOW would like to share some ideas of the coloring to give you a help on your design.


1. It is not to have as many colors as possible on a cardboard display stand.

The cardboard display stand is just a promotion tool which purpose is to promotion your products sales. In this case, all the color printings on the cardboard stand is only to deliver the message of your company and products, that’s all. Otherwise, it will take the place of your products, consumers will not pay much more attention to your products itself but the stand.

2. The clearer color the better.

The cardboard display stand is to attract your consumer eyes, then, make them stop, look at your products, then, pick it up, this is a very natural of buying. Also, from a survey from POPAI organization in 2015, a good POP stand increase 75% of consumers stop and pick the products up.

From our experience, red and yellow color is the most popular on cardboard displays designing, but it still depend on your products and sales environment.


3. 4C CMYK printing actually refers to full colors printing, as it is a industry terminology, C refers to Cyan, M refers to Magenta, Y refers to Yellow, K refers to Black, all colors people can see are from this 4 colors, so, it means full colors printing.

However, some clients want to have a more eye catching color of their LOGO or some special slogan, we can use the PMS pantone together with CMYK, in this case, we usually say CMYK + 1/2/4 PMS.


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