What Is the Function of Plexiglass Display Stand


PMMA display rack plexiglass display stand, also known as pressure display stand gram or acrylic, Hong Kong people called Yajiali, is an early development of the main thermoplastic, with better transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance Sex, easy to dye, easy to process, beautiful appearance, has a wide range of applications in the construction industry. Plexiglass display products can generally be divided into casting plates, extrusion plates and molding compounds.

In recent years, following the construction of restaurants, hotels and high-end residential buildings in major cities, China has built light-emitting bodies and developed light-emitting bodies made of plexiglass acrylic (acrylic) extruded sheets, which have high structural strength and light weight. It has high transmittance and high safety features, and it has great advantages compared with inorganic glass.

The use of plexiglass acrylic (acrylic) in the construction industry, plexiglass acrylic (acrylic) is mainly used in the construction of lighting, bright roofs, roofs, telephone booths, stairs and room wall panels, etc. In terms of sanitary ware, there are bathtubs, washbasins, dressing tables and other products. In these years, the use of highways and high-grade road lighting and car lighting has also been carried out as appropriate. In the meantime, the construction of lighting malls, bathtubs, street advertising light boxes and telephone booths has increased rapidly, and the future development space is large, and the prospects for shopping malls are very broad.

At present, the United States and Japan have made mandatory rules in the decree. It is necessary to use plexiglass acrylic (acrylic) for the construction of glass for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Following the continuous improvement of China's laws and regulations, it is estimated that in the near future, the Chinese law will also require the use of plexiglass acrylic (acrylic) for the construction of glass in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Together, the construction of cities in the country, the street symbols, advertising light boxes and telephone booths have appeared in large numbers, and the appropriate part of the materials used in them are plexiglass acrylic materials.

With the improvement of China's construction regulations, plexiglass display stands will be more competitive in more fields of application.

In addition, special plexiglass, such as optical plexiglass, anti-radiation plexiglass and disc-grade plexiglass, are still in the process of construction in China, and there is a large room for development.

In terms of sanitary ware, the plexiglass acrylic bathtub has the characteristics of luxury, depth, simple cleaning, high strength, light weight and comfortable use. It has been widely used in these years. There are about 1.5 million bathtubs, and the annual consumption of PMMA extrusion plates or casting plates is over 5,000 tons.