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Recently, cardboard display shelves have become the focus of terminal promotion, cardboard display stands turned out to break the shelf industry pattern, businesses through the display of corrugated display shelves show a real great benefits.


With the promotion of the use of cardboard display stands in China, a new wave of sweeping sweeping China, more and more businesses to join the cardboard display industry, the market for cardboard display pies market pie. In the competition market there is a factory called WOW Display Industrial Limited., with novel style, civilians combined with many years of actual combat experience in many corrugated display shelves business stand out, almost equal to the throne of the king of cardboard display stands.


So, what are the benefits of cardboard POP display shelves?


In addition to its traditional shelf features, cardboard display shelves come in entirely new faces. Can be printed on the beautiful patterns, with its innovative designs, brilliant colors, unique ideas and other forms of attention to customers, make it stop and thus stay in the advertising products of interest. Ingenuity, eye-catching cardboard display shelves can always play an unexpected effect. In supermarkets, when consumers are confronted with a great deal of goods and can not get started, an outstanding cardboard display shelf placed around the goods faithfully and continually provides consumers with product information that will appeal to consumers and facilitate their purchase.


What is the difference between cardboard display shelves and traditional shelves?


All (or primarily) paper shelves are made of printed paper and high-stiffness corrugated paper plus a few POP accessories to hold the display. Used in stores, shopping malls, exhibitions and other forms of business for any business establishments, have to attract customers, promotional products, new product features. At the same time, it also plays a role in improving the image of the merchandise and the reputation of the company. In terms of transportation, since the paper-based shelves are not like wood or iron, it can be flattened and stacked for shipping and shipping, which can save a lot of shipping costs and can be reused. Moreover, the sellers are used and the recycling department is convenient.


Below, we look at a successful case: American Greeting. using cardboard shelves not only highlights the product image, but also highlights the corporate image, absolutely value for money. Albert, the marketing director of American Greeting, said the beautifully printed cardboard display shelves in the supermarket is very eye-catching. Not only printed above the company's Logo, but also printed on the name of the product sold, both to promote the sales of products, but also highlights the corporate image, the use of cardboard display shelves is absolutely value for money, they usually use the cardboard display stand for daily promotion as well to increase the amount.


Another company, Unilever, uses cardboard display shelves with different promotional themes, emphasizing the image of the toothpaste and toothbrushes product. The company sources, in winter, festivals need to promote the amount of cardboard display shelves will be increased to hundreds. Unilever used throughout the country by the Shenzhen branch unified procurement, distribution, to ensure that the cardboard display shelves in the size specifications, picture content and color consistency. In the design of cardboard display shelves, every year will be based on the color of the main toothbrushes products to determine the main colors, cardboard display shelves size specifications depending on the size of the venues, sales and other factors to decide. There are so many examples like this one.


At this point, Aaron Li, the paper shelf industry revealed that Shenzhen WOW Display Industrial Limited has launched a similar WOW paper display racks, WOW paper display boxes, WOW paper Cutous, WOW display stand and other products. I believe these products will be widely used, will bring more sales to give back to support its business.

Established in 2010, WOW has been specializing in POP display business for over 9 years, with whole production line in house, WOW owning a very competitive price and service among the market.

We are dedicating to providing the “WOW” displays and service!


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