User Experience of Cardboard Display Stands


The User Experience (abbreviated as UE/UX) is a purely subjective experience created during the use of the product by the user. But for a well-defined user group, the commonality of its user experience can be recognized through well-designed experiments. The user-centered and people-centered approach has received increasing attention.

The classification of experience is as follows:

1. Sensory Experience: Presents the visual and audio experience to the user and emphasizes comfort. It is generally presented in color, sound, image, text content, website layout, etc.

2. Interactive user experience: the interface to the user to use, exchange process experience, emphasizing the interaction, interactive features. The process of interactive experience runs through the process of browsing, clicking, inputting, and outputting to visitors.

3. Emotional user experience: to the user's psychological experience, emphasizing psychological recognition. Allowing users to identify and express their internal emotions through the site indicates that the user experience is more effective. The sublimation of emotional experience is the spread of word of mouth, forming a highly emotional recognition effect.

But these are all about the classification of experiences with the Internet. Today I will talk about the user experience on paper shelves.

If I am now a customer, I received a package. However, this box is tattered and the adhesive tapes of the sealed boxes are of different lengths. Even if there is no problem with the goods inside, then my mood is also very bad. After I opened the package, I found that the accessories inside were very cluttered and I was very crumbled for my first contact with the customer. Because I have to spend time to organize these accessories. When I was finishing the accessories, I found that the accessories were a lot of dust and there were traces of glue. Some parts are also damaged. This is really a very bad user experience.

All of the above issues are sensory experiences that are intuitively presented to the customer's visual experience. The pursuit of visual comfort. Whether the packaging of the outer box is clean and tidy, whether the accessories are arranged neatly, and whether the appearance of the accessories is clean and non-destructive. These are issues that affect the customer's visual experience. So to achieve a good visual experience for our customers, we must avoid these problems.

When I was preparing to assemble a paper display stand, the steps to see the instructions were unclear and I found it difficult to understand. Then I will add a lot of trouble in the assembly process, and may not be assembled. And during the assembly process, it may be found that some parts are very complicated to assemble and it is difficult to assemble. And the assembly process is very tedious.

This type of problem is an interactive user experience. The interactive user experience here refers to the process of assembling and using the paper display stand for the user. This is the process of product and user interaction. This section should pay more attention to the user's experience. We should give the user a smooth and comfortable interaction. When designing the paper display rack, we must start from the user's point of view. How can we facilitate the installation of the user? Let us not only meet the requirements of the user, but also make the user more convenient. So the user experience is based on good design experiments.

My personal opinion is that emotional user experience is based on sensory experience and interactive user experience. Users only recognize your products on sensory experiences and interactive user experiences. There will be emotional recognition. Of course, it is also very important to communicate with users in the early stage. Starting from their own professionalism and good service attitude, they give the user a good psychological experience. Then the user's psychology has already had a certain degree of recognition.

In the rapid development of the era, user-centric and people-oriented have received increasing attention. The term user experience has also penetrated all walks of life.

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