This is Where WOW Better At!


This is Where WOW Better At!


Have you ever countered this situation: place a big order to a manufacturer overseas, then, everything is very very good, good samples, good communication, good lead time, good payment method etc. 

Then, you waiting for your containers desperately. ..

One day, your container shows up, then, open it, stunningview comes to your mind:

Packages are almost damaged for POOOOOR packaging method.

Then, you are...

I believe most of buyers had ever been annoyed by this kind of packaging, so did I!!!!


So, this is how WOW packs cardboard displays and corrugated boxes for clients.


All displays and boxes are nicely fitted into 5 walls shipper cartons once client receive.

Then, WOW got "WOW".


Actually, in WOW, we have 3 musts for packaging:

1. All cardboard displays or boxes must be wrapped with films before putting into shipper cartons.

2. All gift boxes must be packed into PP bags before putting into shipper cartons.

3. All large POS Displays or cardboard boxes must be wrapped tightly with kraft paper before placing into shipper cartons.


This is one point where WOW better at!


Even though, it takes some more time than usual, however, WOW is pleased to say that we have enough labors to ensure lead time for mass production will be within 12 working days.

Everything we do is trying to provide the “WOW” Displays and service for you!