This Is The Most Stylish Cardboard Display I've Ever Seen


Chocolate isoften eaten, but have you ever eaten organic chocolate? You have seen a lot ofcolorful cardboard display, but have you seen the textured cardboard display?

This is theholiday promotional cardboard display  that Cadbury has customized for its [Green& Black’s Chocolate].


[Cadbury is amultinational company headquartered in London, UK, the world's largest candycompany, the second largest chewing gum company, and the third largest softdrink company. 】


The rawmaterials of Green & Black’s – cocoa beans are all grown by Maya farmers inCentral America. They do not use pesticides and fertilizers, and the productionsites are non-polluting. The chocolate produced is called organic food. Green& Black’s firmly grasped the “green pollution-free” point, pushing theorganic trump card.


In order toreflect the organic taste of the aristocratic, the cardboard display  is not used in many colors. The brown-graybase, the golden classical English fonts, and the few smooth European linesgive the overall feeling of a royal high-end. Proper use of corrugated kraftpaper, as well as corrugated paper with exposed wood color, represents aninsistence on the original process and organic manufacturing.


The entire papercardboard display an elegant and noble feel, which is in line with Green &Black’s product positioning.


The finalfinishing touch is the multi-layer box of eight products. There is no box towaste chocolate. Simply peel off half of the box and put it directly into themulti-layer box for sale.