The Worse The Sales,The More It Is Needed.


In the US, the market value of the chewing gum industry reached $2.6 billion, but overall sales are declining. In order to increase public loyalty to their own products, many chewing gum manufacturers are trying to gain access to the youth market by adjusting their brand image and launching new product lines.

Kraft Foods' Stride Chewing Gum (Chinese name: Hyun Mai Gum) has launched a new product line, ID Chewing Gum, for young people in order to gain access to the youth market.

For new product lines, new and new marketing methods must be deployed. Facing the consumer's cardboard display stand in retail, it seems to have a long way to go in promoting new products.

The first is this tilt edvertical cardboard display stand.

The top and bottom are huge LOGOs. For new products, it is important to quickly attract consumers'attention and let customers remember the brand name.

The three flavors of the product are arranged in a certain order, each of which corresponds to an illustration created by an emerging artist.

However, this display stand is mainly for display promotion, and customers can only purchase products from the front.

The following cardboard display stand can be purchased from the front and back sides, and the boundaries of each flavor are more obvious. The exquisite illustration has more room to play, and the cardboard display stand is more eye-catching and more attractive to customers.