the Three Emerging Markets


    Relevant people believe that the current three major sectors in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa will become the next relay point of the market.

    Southeast Asia market represented by India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries. Since the launch of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields has been continuously promoted, and economic and trade cooperation has achieved remarkable results. Although the economic base level is relatively low, relying on demographic dividends and preferential policies of various regional governments have become "new choices"for more and more labor-intensive industries. Many multinational companies have shifted their manufacturing from China to Southeast Asia.

    However,there are obvious defects in the manufacturing industry in Southeast Asia. As far as printing companies are concerned, machinery, consumables, and binding are indispensable. However, the industry in Southeast Asia is relatively single and cannot meet the production and production of “one-stop” printing,pre-press, India and post-press. In particular, the development of the machinery manufacturing industry is particularly backward. The more printing plants have printing equipment, the pre-press and post-press processes are still relatively backward, lacking high-end automation equipment. This provides an excellent development platform for domestic printers and printer manufacturers.

    The Middle East market represented by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. Continued volatility in the crude oil market has put enormous pressure on the region to change the way the economy grows. With the support of the government's diversified development policies, investment in the printing and publishing industry in the Middle East has seen significant growth. New equipment continues to replace old equipment with limited capacity, and the level of automated production in the printing and publishing industry in these regions is also increasing, driven by new technologies. The growth of investment has brought huge opportunities to printing companies, raw material suppliers and equipment suppliers in the Middle East. 

In the field of printing cardboard display stand  packaging in China, many companies have chosen to invest in countries along the “Belt and Road” to resolve raw material bottlenecks and reduce production costs. On the other hand, they are digesting excess capacity, developing emerging markets, and creating new profits. growth point.