The Role of Cardboard Display Stand In The Exhibition



The cardboard display standis not only used in the mall, but also used in the display, but do you know itsrole? If you don't know, let's take a look at the role of the paper displaystand at the show through five pictures.


Have you ever noticed thatyour booth is unremarkable, and that simple materials are added together, justuse it as a stand for display items? In fact, it doesn't need to beunconventional. It only needs to be combined with your products. It is uniquebut harmonious in the whole layout. If it is a large and important exhibition,the cardboard display stand can also be customized according to the overalllayout style and product form. The stand is better to highlight the features,so that the stand becomes a bridge between you and the visitors rather than adefensive fortress.

2. Diamond layout

Diamond layouts oftenattract local customers, and sophisticated design and aggregated displays willallow such customers to go straight to your booth to make a request forconsultation without any other features such as interference and strolling diamondlayouts. Sexuality and pertinence, if you already have a clear customerorientation, you can add features based on the layout of the diamonds, and thequality of the attracted customers is generally higher.

3. Shopping center layout

Designing a shoppingmall-like layout can help you expand your booth space, just like having amirror in your room, while the external surround setting acts as a gatheringand avoids too much crowding. Give the visiting customers a good experience.

The design and laying of theground should not be overlooked. The first thing visitors should see is the cardboarddisplay stand of your exhibition. But when they go to the progress stage forconsultation, they really have to go through your territory and let them stepby step. To your booth, in addition to the floor provided by the venue, you canalso add carpet or other materials to match your overall design style.

4. Lighting

The lighting effect willalso play a very good role, which will further enhance the atmosphere of thepaper display stand of the exhibition, and at the same time play the role ofinvitation, so we can work hard to coordinate and increase the cardboarddisplay of the exhibition. The little highlights of the frame.

5. Storage

The storage space of the cardboarddisplay stand of the exhibition also needs to be managed. The messy placementwill make people want to escape, and also spread the information of thecompany's unprofessional and unimportant, so calculate the storage space of thepaper display stand of the exhibition. Then transport the necessary supplies tothe venue.