The Pallet Display of Air Wick


Many people don't know that aromatherapy can calm down quickly when they are irritated. It can soothe emotions, improve mood, and let them be in a state of complete relaxation and enjoyment. In the fragrant environment, as if the whole world is calm, no worries are counted. Worried about it.

Let's look at how several pallet display help the sales of aromatherapy.


• Air Wick, a perfume aroma brand from the United States, islaunching a new limited-edition fragrance that is designed around the world'sexotic theme, so use the front and rear double-sided display products, bothends Advertising. For new products, only the wide-opening can open the market.


• The same is Air Wick's pallet display. Each of these fragrancescorresponds to a national park, allowing consumers to feel the outdoors at homewithout leaving home. The all-in-one black pallet display stands out in acolorful pallet display, creating a new shopping experience for consumers.


• Air Wick's tray pallet display are used to showcase the summerinterior aromatherapy, with a slogan that makes the home a better slogan, witha house-themed design. The small details of white fences, bushes and grey tileroofs emphasize the family comfort that can be achieved with this product.


The pallet display can notonly display a large number of products, but also display the products in alldirections, and it can definitely become the leader in the sale of aromatherapyperfumes.