The most important feature of the display stand - visual impact


The final effect of the display stand is to play the role of display propaganda. The propaganda must have the characteristics of visual impact, so that the designed display stand can better attract the attention of customers, in order to better arouse the curiosity of customers and show The visual impact design is to use the first impression of grasping the customer, relying on the first impression to quickly transmit information, and what kind of design can have the effect of visual impact? The following WOW to express their views.


First, the design graphic of the display frame should have a sense of layering. The layering can highlight the designer's design ideas and the theme of expression. This design is the most effective way to express.


Second, the display frame design should use the color elements to draw or impact the customer's vision, so that the customer will browse the goods with the designer's thinking, further deepen the customer's understanding and impression of the company's brand and goods.


Third, the designer must learn to grasp the breakthrough point of the show. The breakthrough point of the general designer design is to use the color of the light to set off, the light is the best way to capture the customer's vision.


Fourth, the display frame lighting design should not be static, the effect is too single, the lighting design should have a layer of light and dark, using the layering of the lighting to set off the theme of the display.


Fifth, the specification design of the display frame should be determined according to the size of the product, and it can also play a visual balance in the specification and the ratio.


The design of the display stand is a great knowledge, and it is also a very flexible design. Different merchants and different designers will definitely have different effects. No matter what kind of design you are, we feel that the visual impact is not the missing one.