The Most Concerned About Cardboard Display


 Can cardboard display stands be made of paper to with stand weight?

A: People often use paper in their lives. The usual contact is writing paper, which gives you a very soft feeling. Only those who are engaged in this aspect or have a deep understanding of this aspect know. There are many kinds of papers used in various places in life. The most popular ones should be packaging cartons. The material of cardboard display stands is high-hardness corrugated cardboard. At the same time, it can change the structure of cardboard display stands to achieve higher load-bearing capacity. Competing with woodyiron.


What materials are used for cardboard display stands?

A: The most commonly used is corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is classified according to its type: A, C, B, E and combinations thereof, such as: AB-flute, BC-flute, BBC-flute, etc. Classified according to the number of layers of raw paper: two-layer cardboard, three-layer cardboard,four-layer cardboard, five-layer cardboard, seven-layer cardboard, etc.;classified according to flute shape: U-shaped, V-shaped, UV-shaped; now common UV-shaped on the market; corrugated cardboard Recyclable, environmentally friendly products. In order to cater to the diversification of paper display racks, it is more popular with consumers, and often used together with other materials, so that cardboard display stands can carry more styling updates.


Can cardboard display stands be printed with our LOGO?

A: The cardboard display stands is a fine pattern on the surface of the paper product, so you can add any pattern to print.


Can you design according to my requirements?

A: At present, the cardboard display stands industry is made according to the requirements of the merchants. It is not suitable for the paper to be easily wetted by the paper, and it is also necessary to produce according to the agreement.


Is there a charge for making samples?

A: The general situation of the sample is that it is reasonable to charge. For the sake of everyone's sincere cooperation, there is no need to make cardboard display stands. Only when the sample is made, some deposits are made, and then the large amount is refunded.


Do a good sample, can you send it over and assemble it?

A: Because the sample has never been used, it will inevitably not be assembled. The manufacturer provides relevant assembly instructions.


Can the first cooperation be done in small amounts? what is the price?

A: The quantity can be produced in the same way as the quantityis small. The paper display rack itself needs to be mass-produced to be morecost-effective. When the quantity is large, the printing cost of the single-setpaper rack is relatively small.


What is the production cycle?

A: This uncertainty depends on the quantity of production and the process requirements. The number of processes is complicated and the required cycle is longer.