The Importance of Printing Color on Packaging


As early as in ancient times, people have discovered that color has a preemptive effect. Packaging is the appearance of a product, in which color is the most touching factor that attracts customers. Assume that the corrugated paper promotional display, POP paper display box, toy doll hook display stand, food display box without any color, the artistic aesthetic value of the product will be greatly reduced, although the color has a strong visual appeal on the product packaging and Expressiveness, but not to say, the brighter the color on the package, the better the effect of different colors on people's psychological and physiological effects. With the in-depth study of color, the perception of color is more and more subtle. Therefore, the choice of packaging color must be just right, forming a special, artistic and harmonious effect.


When we go to the supermarket and buy goods in the market, we face a wide variety of goods on the shelves, each with beautiful shapes and bright colors, we will be more attracted to those with strong colors, this is the packaging. The role of color. It can immediately attract attention, help consumers to know and associate with products, and stimulate purchase desire. The effect of product packaging design depends largely on the use of color. It is easy for consumers to identify goods and play an important role. From the point of view of the seller of goods, the grid paper display frame, the paper promotion table, the cosmetics display rack, etc., which are painted with appropriate color, can increase the sales volume of the products.