The Different Descriptions of POP Display Stands


Paper display stands are advertisement carriers used to attract people's attention. They can be divided into flooring paper display stands, hook paper display stands, side kick paper display stands, desktop paper display stands, heterosexual paper display stands, and paper stacks. Paper display racks, paper dump bins and other types. It is widely used in supermarkets, stores, exhibitions, schools, shopping malls, shopping malls, promotions and other places of use, has a very good visual impact elements and environmental factors, make the paper display rack in recent years has been favored by various industries .

Paper display racks can be divided into cosmetics display racks, tool display racks, book display racks, DVD display racks, stationery display racks, daily necessities display racks, greeting card display racks, lamp display racks, toy display racks, and electronic product display racks. Electronic cigarette display racks, glasses display racks, drug display racks, clothing display racks, sporting goods display racks, food display racks and other types.

In general, a paper display stand is configured as an independent object. The cardboard used for the display stand is usually corrugated paper. The corrugated paper is very load-bearing and lightweight. The actual design of the paper display stands depends on the use and the long width and height of the display. The paper display stand is generally kept on the ground in a static state and will not be frequently moved to maintain the integrity of the display stand.


Paper display racks have been popular in Europe and the United States in recent years. Many large supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping malls, and promotional fields have been seen everywhere. Now they are gradually becoming popular in China. They are designed with freedom, beautiful colors and beautiful patterns, convenient transportation, simple installation, and environmental protection. Many advantages, such as economical and practical, are another advantage of corporate advertising marketing.

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