The Development of Cardboard POP Display Stands


In recent years, the paper display shelf market overseas and the mainland is becoming more and more mature, and the demand is becoming more and more large. In a short time, a batch of manufacturers with lack of production, design and production experience have been sprung up to seize the market. As the cardboard display rack needs to be customized according to the different requirements of customers, so it is difficult to regulate the industry in a very short time.

The main difference of paper display stand produced by different manufacturers is following:

1. The application of Technology: paper display shelves, cardboard pallet display stands, desktop display boxes, etc. are made of corrugated cardboard, which is the same as the design principle of the packaging box, but the structure is different, so that the printing plant, the carton factory, the advertising company can also produce. But to do a good job of cardboard display shelf structure is far more than the design level of the packaging box, it needs a more professional level.

2. Homogeneity application: paper shelf products are customized according to the requirements of the customer. In terms of style, it can not specify which style is produced by the cardboard POP display manufacturer, so that the material used is different, more and more manufacturers, the worse the homogeneity situation.

3. The application of perfect design: in the design of the diversification of the user needs, should be on the basis of a reasonable design on a reasonable basis to think of a consumer's point of view to design a more harmonious, more beautiful, more perfect products in order to achieve the highest display of promotional display effect.

4. There is a problem of little innovation in the cardboard display shelf industry, which will cause cruelty competition and thinner profits. Enterprises must rethink the way and way of making money to survive. Therefore, the change and deduction of the new business model are more important and more challenging in the paper shelf industry. Compared with the past, the requirements of business model innovation must be cut from the past, breakthrough in the field of innovation and the difference between the innovation method and the past, which is the way for the enterprise to win in the future market competition.

5. Paper display shelf industry to deduce the new business model, first of all, we must have the courage to break the existing business models and habits of thought, destructive innovation. Many enterprises are still struggling in the past, while others who have achieved extraordinary success and ultra - conventional development have won the competition by the innovation of the business model.

6. The paper display shelf industry must realize the effective configuration and application of the innovative elements to create a new business model, which is an effective way for business model innovation.

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