The Advantages of Different Structural Corrugated Displays in WOW


Nowadays, some client drop WOW inquiries about their POS Display needs, however, some of our clients seems not very clear about the advantages of different structural display.

So, today, I would like to introduce the different cardboard displays, you can check and select better which one is suitable for your POS promotion needs.

1. Cardboard Countertop Displays or Counter Display Boxes

Mostly used on counter of Check Out in Supermarkets or Chain Stores, it is better for some light products like greeting cards, cosmetics, socks, medicine, gloves and so on.



A. Lihgt weight and easy portable;

B. Cost is much lower than floor or pallet displays;

C. Can also be used an shipper boxes;

D. Simple design means easier assembly.

2. FSDU or Free Standing Floor Display

It is a common stand which can mostly seen in Supermarket for various products, like toys, stationery, clothing, shoes, LED Bulbs and so on.



A. Various design;

B. Make good use of space with very good visual advertising effects;

C. Can be applied metal rods under each shelf to ensure 30KG+ loading on each shelf;

3. Cardboard Hook Display


Mostly used in Supermarkets or chain store, cardboard display with peg hooks.



A. Simple design, easy assembly;

B. Can be fulfilled with products in and semi assembled before shipment;

C. Can be applied with greyboard onto backboard to reinforce the display;

D. Plastic or metal hooks are both available for your option.


4. Sidekick Display or Power Wing Display

Something very similar with hook display, but it has to be hang onto other display stand.



A. Make better use of advertising space;

B. Cost effective;

C. Different designs are available;


5. Cardboard Dump Bin Display


Mostly used for storing some unrulable products like food, clothing and so on.


A. Great holding capacity;

B. Low price;

C. Easy assemble;


6. Cardboard Pallet Display



A. Attractive Designs with better advertising effects;

B. Great loading capacity


7. Display Standee or LAMA Display



A. Easy assemble;

B. Large area of displaying

C. Cost effective


Besides, packaging boxes, poster stand and so on are all available in WOW, both structure and graphics since WOW have our own designer teams in house, who has at least 6 years in cardboard POP display field.


Drop me an email or give us a call freely if there is anything WOW can provide assistance to.


Awaiting your news~