Suitable Size for Cardboard Display


Every time we ask the customer to this problem, they always hesitated. And when we turn the problem into a number of goods, the customer can answer us clearly. So as an industry for the display frame, we sometimes do not need a specific size, as long as it is enough to get information about the goods. Because the client does nit know the display shelf, he is a newcomer to the to the industry, but he understands very well his product and the purpose for which he is looking for us.

The conventional floor-type display rack about high 150-160 CM, length 50-60 CM, width 30-40 CM, 3-4 layers,layer spacing according to the products by the customer to design.

Hanging display rack size about high 60-75 cm, length 15-20 cm, width 7-10 cm, generally put all kinds of drink,belts.

Counter display stand size is about 40-50 cm, length 30-40 cm, width 20-25 cm, generally placed on the table put cosmetics, electronic products, promotional food.

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