Some New Innovative Corrugated Packaging Idea


Today, WOW would like to share some new innovative corrugated packaging ideas which is getting more and more popular in package market.


Corrugated cardboard box

It is recognized as a green packaging product in the world.

It first began at the end of the 18th century.

Light and strong, low-cost.

Practical and environmentally friendly, it is recyclable.

Really the Taurus in the packaging world!


Corrugated paper does not want to show off,

Just throwing a bunch of egg packaging to you.


Of course.

Corrugated paper is also very ambitious.

Not only can you pack and transport anything,

Can also be a sofa bed, can sit and lie down.


I remembered that when I was young,

Coursework for making corrugated chairs

Painful experience


This weight...

So put the apples in the corrugated box,

Even if you are transporting the world, you are not afraid.