Some Misunderstandings of Cardboard Display Stands


The cardboard display shelf has been more and more popular in the shopping mall in recent years. The cardboard display shelf has a great economic advantage over the traditional metal shelf or wooden display rack. However, after WOW has been specializing in the cardboard display shelf production and sales for many years, and found that there are many mistakes when some customers buy paper shelves. Area. The main aspects are as follows:


No. 1: the biggest misunderstanding is that paper display shelves are cheap.


The paper display shelf has a great advantage of economic convenience, but it is based on the premise of large quantity, that is, the single order quantity is relatively large and the unit price is very cheap. If the order is very small, for example, only dozens of shelves, the price advantage of paper shelves, compared to the metal display shelf and wooden shelf price advantage disappear, why is this? Because of the production of paper display shelves, the need for printing technology, the printing process needs the Philippine, PS board, the starting fee and so on, such as a traditional flooring paper display shelf, the header card, the side 2 panels, the bottom box is divided into four pages printed on the machine, the lowest opening fee is not less than 500 dollar. And the mold fee is also not less than 300 dollars, these add up, if the production of 20, no material cost, light allocation die fee will be 50 dollars, if added materials, packaging and other costs, a set of about 50-80 dollars, and the same size of metal display stand is about 30-40 dollars of the price, so, the customers who do not understand the production process will shout, how do the paper display shelves cost more than the metal display shelves?


No. 2: Any cardboard display shelf design can be achieved.


For example, a customer asks for a picture and requires a variety of wooden engraving or acrylic curling frames. The paper display shelf design can be diversified and beautiful, but after all, it is a paper product. It has certain limitations. For example, if the paper is not good, it can be folded on many surfaces. For example, the design of a ball type can not make corrugated paper. There is no way to measure production. Some of the crafts made of wood are not available.


No. 3: The paper display shelf is very strong and can be used for a long time.


The time problem of the use of paper display shelves, many customers will ask, when we make paper display shelves, we will do the bottom of the water treatment, but the paper shelves are made of cardboard after all, the use of different environment, the use of the time is different. Some of the supermarkets are wet, the paper will be deformed, and customers will be bumped into bumper cars if they are careless. So the paper display shelf is suitable for short-term promotion. If a businessman says that the paper shelf can be used for several years, it is nonsense. This situation is ideal. Our office samples haven't been broken for 5 years, because we have no one to touch him, and no dampness. The complex environment of shopping malls and supermarkets determines the characteristics of the use of paper shelves, that is, short-term sales promotion and a few months' promotion period. If placed for a long time, custom-made regular metal display stand.


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