In China, there is a old saying “Golden September and Silver October” Which means, it is a high business season this 2 months, which also means, it is a season that we get reward for our business and works.

So, to celebrate this golden season, WOW now is holding an activity of share articles on website, then, get coupons of sampling and mass production.

The procedures are follows:

1. Follow our company pages on LinkedIn.

Here is the website:


2.Share this article:

WOW Easy Assemble POP Up Cardboard Display Stand


On your own page


3. Screenshot the article on your own page and send the image via


4. Coupons will be sent back via email once verified.


Kindly note:

1. The valid time of coupons are 1st September to 1th December.

2. 5% discount for bulk production orders during this period once you get the coupons.

    30% discount for all sampling during this period once you get the coupons.


Any interests? Do not be shy, let’s get the ball running!