Schick Razor’s Promotional Paper Display Stand


Recently, Schick has launched a new line of female razors. This series of razors has a two-way induction shaving head that can slide forward and backward, the top blade is scraped off, and the bottom blade is shaved to give women greater comfort.

In order to promote this series of products, Comfort Company has specially made 6 different paper display stands to better adapt to the characteristics of the products, thus promoting sales.

brand history

The Schick razor, born in 1921, was the first blade replaceable shaving knife invented by an American lieutenant. In 1946, the comfortable and safe razor (Schick) company was formally established, mainly producing men's shaving products, ladies hair removal products and so on. Since then, the shaving legend of nearly a century has been dominated by comfort.


In order to cater to women's psychology, these six paper shelves use rose red in a large area. The red color is also called rose powder. It is a very conspicuous color with a strong color.The red paper display stands are placed in the store, and there is absolutely a queen like appeal.

Rose red is always reminiscent of roses, even if it is placed in the corner of no one cares, it also exudes a charming atmosphere, silently attract customers.

No matter how dim the lights in the store, it can't take its brilliance.

The red color is also a medium color, which gives women a dreamy atmosphere. When placed in a store with soft lighting, it is not overwhelming, and does not steal the light of the product.