Sanitarium Display Stands


Australia, a country known as "riding on the back of a sheep." Australia's population is highly urbanized, with nearly half of its citizens living in Sydney and Melbourne, and many cities across the country have been rated as one of the most liveable places in the world. It is also a sports powerhouse and hosts many sports events around the world.

A developed, healthy and beautiful country. However, we are fortunate to have a close cooperation with the local famous brand Sanitarium (New Conley). New Conley is Australia's 140th largest company with annual sales of 395 million euros (about 2.05 billion yuan). But it still has an identity, and New Conley is still a charity. Over the past 20 years, New Conley has provided more than 3,400,000 complimentary breakfasts to 500 schools in New Zealand. Known as Australia's and New Zealand's most trusted breakfast cereal brand. It is such a company that promotes a new healthy eating concept, and they choose paper shelves for their products as their product carrier. It further highlights New Conley's philosophy of health.

It is very difficult to work with such a large company. Because the conditions for their choice of suppliers are very demanding. It takes a test after another to start cooperation. In mid-2015, customers browsed our company from the Internet. Browsing on our company website for a while. We have contacted our company's foreign trade customer service by mail.

At the beginning, customers still have certain questions about our company. From the scale of the company, the usage of materials, and the process of production, every step of the customer asks very carefully. However, our foreign trade colleagues used her professional knowledge to answer their questions one by one. At that time, the customer also sent an inquiry to another dozen suppliers in China. After screening, the customer selected several suppliers from more than a dozen suppliers for proofing. At that time, the team's efforts in the company's engineering department made a smooth sample. Concurrently sent to customers abroad.


In order to meet the customer's load-bearing needs, our designers have worked hard on the structure. Two layers of cardboard are used on the side panels and trays. The connection between the tray and the main body is in a buckled manner. The paper display rack looks beautiful and atmospheric, and it is quite convenient to assemble at the same time. The customer was very satisfied when receiving this sample. It is exactly what the customer wants. So the customer chose to cooperate with our company.

By June of this year, the customer officially placed an order. The number of customer orders also really made us headache for a while, a full 40 container. Because the plan on the production line is already quite full. Suddenly a relatively large number of orders, this is also a test of our company's production capacity on the other hand. The production department immediately opened the meeting after receiving the notice and planned how to arrange the production reasonably. Our production department treats each single pair for a meeting and schedules it according to the customer's delivery schedule and production schedule.

It has been a full week since the order was placed, and four 40-foot tall cabinets have been released. There is no problem in completing the production plan at the target time. This is the experience of working with Australian clients. I believe that with good service spirit and excellent professional level, cooperation with every customer will be quite smooth and successful!