Red Is The Warmest Color


Launched in theUK in 1988, Red Nose Day, the oldest charity festival, has raised more than $1billion in charitable funds for underprivileged children around the world. Itwas launched by the Comedy Relief Foundation to encourage people to wear red.The nose participates in fundraising and advocates the use of entertainment todeliver positive energy and improve social poverty.


Walgreens, thelargest chain drug store in the United States, has been selected as theexclusive retailer of the Red Nose Day for three consecutive years. Whenever acustomer enters the store, there is a $1 donation to the Red Nose Day Fund.


Walgreens ChiefOperating Officer Alex Gourlay said: In order to better prepare for the money,we hope that our pharmacies can add more fun to attract people's attention, inorder to complete the fundraising goal.


This display stand is customized for red nose fundraising.


They set theirsights on Shaquille O'Neal, the three-time NBA champion. The big head isprinted with O'Neill's figure. Nothing is more positive than a shiningbasketball star. Can drive the enthusiasm of consumers.


If you take theruler and measure it, you will find that the display stand from the bottom tothe head card, the total height is exactly the same as O'Neill's true height,both 216 cm.


This paperdisplay rack can be placed in three directions, not only for one drug, but alsofor different brands of drugs.


Red is the colorof blood, the color of life, and it gives the patient warm power at all times.


The"O'Neill" wearing a red nose has a contrast with his huge figure. Ihope that this positive energy will bring more joy to the poor children andbring a little comfort to the sick.