Popular Simple Metal Display Stands


When Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said this "less is more", he must have never thought that this sentence would become the representative of the most popular design style in the early 21st century. Pursue simplicity, with the simplest design to meet the changing requirements of human functions on objects. Jane, not reduced, is the best interpretation of this sentence.

For the display frame that matches the style of the product design, if you want to achieve harmony with the display, you may wish to try the display stand of the same simple style.

The straight line of the straight line has a straightforward temperament, and the length and shortness of the line show the simple beauty of the geometric pattern.

The curved iron wire draws a beautiful arc in the air, like a beautifully curved neck.

The simple combination of points and lines has become the favorite shape of many people. The blank space on the design gives consumers more imagination. One thousand readers have a thousand Hamleys, and the interpretation of the design is not what it is.

Give up the rude propaganda method and leave more room for imagination. When you try to understand them, it is the customer's understanding that comes with feedback.