Popular Display Rack


The use of corrugated paper display stands in Europe and the United States, widely used in food, daily chemicals, home appliances, alcohol and other industries. The International Association of POP Associations has a history of more than 30 years and has branches and branches in many parts of the world, but in Asia,there are currently branches in India. Many packaging companies in Europe and America believe that by making corrugated paper display stands, the company's technical level and the company's sales ability can be improved, so there are many users and manufacturers.

In Japan, Europe and the United States, with the rapid development of the economy, especially the increasing voice of environmental protection.are gradually replacing other types of POP display stands,which are very popular in the terminal sales market because: European andAmerican countries Consumers have low levels of trust in TV commercials. In theUnited States, TV viewers can filter out TV advertisements and actively choosenot to watch advertisements. Therefore, many foreign merchants do not use TVadvertisements as the main means of marketing. In the terminal sales method,they pay great attention to the role of POP paper display racks, and usevarious display stands for promotion in supermarket hypermarkets.   The cost of human resources is very high, and there are very few sales promotion personnel to carry out product promotion activities in supermarkets. They are more willing to let the display stand be advertised as a sports carrier to act as a silent salesperson, let consumers pass their own judgments, not from outsiders. Instill your choice of goods.

  Developed countries have strong environmental awareness, and corrugated paper display stands are environmentally friendly products. The use of corrugated paper display stands is conducive to resource recycling and recycling, and is therefore favored by consumers. At the same time, the government will give certain policy inclinations to the use of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, such as financial subsidies and tax reductions.

  The application of corrugated paper display stands in China is also becoming more and more extensive. Environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient paper display stands are becoming more and more popular in the competition with high-cost metal display stands. With the increase in labor costs and the increase in raw material prices, the competitiveness of paper display stands is getting stronger.