Paper Stacks Can Increase The Sales Of Goods


In thesupermarket, the display of goods displayed by a brand of goods alone is usuallyplaced on the float or box-type products directly stacked on the ground, calledthe paper pile head, generally the supplier must pay a certain fee to thesupermarket. Can apply for a pile of paper.


How to choosepaper display stands products?

The area of​​the shopping mall is very limited and valuable. The area occupied by each paper display stands is relatively large. For the shopping mall, it is necessary to create the largest possible benefit in this area. For the customer, the paper pile Head products provide customers with a strong message,so it is important to choose the right stack of goods. Remember, don't just look for a few items for the paper to pile up.

There are several types of paper display stands:

The first one:in order to distinguish from competitors, attract customers, increase sales andtake profits, the market has the advantage of lower price than the surroundingcompetitors;

The second type:the promotion price adjustment of the supplier in order to promote the sale ofits own goods, this price reduction may be carried out simultaneously with thesurrounding market.

The third type:This store has distinctive products, such as its own branded goods.

The fourth type:newly introduced goods, in order to promote new products, deliberately do paper stack display.

The fifth type:In order to promote sales, suppliers are willing to pay the paper stacking fee to obtain the display rights of a certain stack of paper.

Sixth: Make promotional items for limited time sales.

The seventhtype: According to the actual situation of sales, the department believes thatthe adjustment to the paper display stands can greatly improve the sales ofgoods.


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