New Design Cardboard Display with LED Lights


Nowadays, the cardboard display is getting more and more popular in the sales ends.

However, the more and more problems are coming out, the most displays on the market is almost same and consumers is getting tired of these shapes or designs.

So, we need to think, where is the future of cardboard POP displays?

How to make the cardboard display stands attract our consumers eyes again?

It is really lucky that WOW designers provided us some directions based on recent some cases.

We add the LED lights which make the display pretty eye catching among the cardboard displays.

See some examples below:

This is a greeting card display stand for 2017 christmas promotion.

We add small LED lights on the header which make the display pretty shinny.

This display stand it to hold wine bottles, we apply the LED belts on the side of shelves and topper, make the display pretty shinning!

For more information, it is highly welcomed to give a call or email to WOW, the contact details is below:


Mobile/wechat/whatsapp: 86 186 75646976


We are dedicating to providing the WOW POP displays and service to increase your products purchase rates!

Do not be shy, let’s get the ball rolling!