Recently, mink lash business is becoming more and more popular on cosmetic market, WOW was aware of this business trend last year and we developed several mink lashes displays and advertised on our website, here below are some examples we produced.


Till now, we got 1000+ inquiries on the lashes display from global brands and produced 200+ different kinds of lashes counter display, got very high approval from our clients. Today, we would like to share an outstanding mink lashes display case.

The client viewed our website and sent a message via email, our professional sale Mandy got it and replied the email within 10m. A good start means a happy communication, we also got the mink lashes boxes sample from the client’s partner in China, then, Mandy proposed the 3D design below:



Got very high approval from the client and also gave us some professional suggestions of amendments.

Then, Mandy revised the design as below.


It is much better than before cause the some mink lashes examples can be shown on the inclined panel, also, please be aware of the design, we add double sided tape on the panel which means, the example is just to show but can not be stolen or taken away.

Client loved this idea sooo much and gave us the green light of order immediately he saw the new 3D.

However, according to WOW’s business custom, we made the PP sample and send the photo for client approval before going into production.

Everything works well since the PP sample was beyond client’s expectation.

Here below some photos of the production display sample.


Spot UV & Hot Stamping for LOGO


Also, the feedback from client:



PS: Client placed the order of this mink lashes counter display with 1000pcs, we produced 1200pcs then, so, we have 200+ in stock, the price will be much cheaper to US$ 10/pc if you also like to have one to test your market, please feel free to contact us if you like to have a try! Do not wait, call / email us immediately, make your lash business outstanding as well!

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