Key Points Whiles Designing a Cardboard Pallet Display


In the design process of designing a cardboard display stand, there are some key points should pay attention to (a different product can choose different cardboard pallet display design, the following cases please do some reference):

1) Choose the shape of the cardboard pallet display stand according to the characteristics of the goods , from the shape of the cardboard pallet stands reminiscent of the goods displayed on the cardboard pallet displays, such as dragon-shaped braid cardboard display, from the dragon boat and reminds people of the Dragon Boat Festival, From the Dragon Boat Festival, it reminds people to eat dumplings, thereby promoting the sale of goods. If you shape Coca-Cola into a dragon boat, it will be laughable.

2) In order to increase the expressiveness of the merchandise, the shape of the corrugated pallet display is selected according to the shape of the merchandise. For example, the cylindrical shape of the Coca Cola head is formed to maximize the cylindrical shape of Coca-Cola and attract people's attention. Enhance the customer's impression of Coke so as to promote sales.

3) Adding one or two special corrugated POP pallet display in the middle of a square-headed pallet stands can enhance the activity of the store, but the position of the pile must be placed in the middle of the front of the pile of paper. The location is coordinated with the surrounding piles.

4) All efforts are for sales. It is necessary to promote sales and not too fancy.

5) The selection of the shape of the cardboard pallet displays must also take into account the costs, including labor costs and material costs.

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