Key Points of Honey Products Sales


Although spring is a season of all things, the temperature is suitable, but the pollen in the air spreads, the allergens increase, the child's resistance is poor, and it is easy to cause a cold and cough.

Invented by American pediatrician Zarbock, Zarbees Natural, highly recommended by more than 40,000 pediatricians, is a cough syrup whose main ingredient is black honey, which can effectively relieve cough and other problems.

Although the product is sold in pharmacies, the formula does not contain any drugs, alcohol and artificial flavors.

To better communicate to consumers the natural, safe and effective characteristics of the brand, Zarbees Natural sells all of their bee-themed product lines with a honeycomb vertical paper display stand.

First of all, the entire honey display rack presents a high-saturated golden yellow color. This color is not only conspicuous, but also easy to attract attention. More importantly, it allows consumers to think of honey at the beginning of their viewing, and then thinks that this is a natural product. To increase consumer trust in products.

Secondly, the shelf of the product is divided into two rows of honeycombs, so that the "honeycomb" on the left side is the adult product and the "honeycomb" on the right side is the child and baby product.

Finally, the brand information, product attributes and other patterns are printed to deepen the consumer's impression of the brand, thus completing the process of conveying the product ingredients to the consumer in a natural, safe and effective manner.