Increase Your Sales with Dump Bins


It has been proven that dump bins increase impulse sales. 

Place them near the checkout or in the aisle near associated products and they 'stand out' from the rest. 

When a product is placed on its own away from others on the shelf, it gives that product more exposure and increases its likelihood of  being sold. Products in dump bins also add the impression of goods being on special, a bargain to be had - customers will always check out a product kept apart from the rest in a dump bin!

Cardboard dump bins offer a very economical and easy solution to increase sales. We stock single and 3 tier cardboard  dump bins, along with all the accessories needed to add a special message to the dump bin, or price the stock within it. See our cardboard range here:

Cardboard dump bins can also be custom-manufactured and printed with your logo and message to increase your brand awareness and exposure.