How to Purchase Good Cardboard Display


Floor-standing paper display stand:

The size of the paper display rack is generally the same as the height of an adult (1.7 m). The paper display rack is used for the promotion of goods. If the height is too high or too low, it will directly affect the eyes of consumers. Some are special. For example, if the consumer group is a small child, then the height should be the height of the child's line of sight.

Hook-type paper display stand: Select the hook-type paper display stand to make the product stand up, it looks more three-dimensional, so that customers can understand the information of the products on the paper display stand at a glance, and choose the total of the products according to their needs. Weight to choose the right hook. The hook can be divided into plastic and metal. If the product is light, the plastic can be selected. The plastic hook has a weak point. The tail end is weak and can not carry the product, but the cost is low. There are many types of metal hooks. Not all metal hooks are suitable for use in paper display racks. The hook feet are suitable for large areas of paper. The sharp ones will break the paper and affect the appearance.


Countertop display box:

Some smaller items are easy to ignore, and such displays generally choose a countertop paper display box, which is more eye-catching when the space is small.


Pallet display stand:

The display of goods formed by the separate display of goods in the supermarket is sometimes a separate display of a branded product, sometimes a combination of several brands. There are a variety of pile head shapes. According to the characteristics of the goods and the actual needs, different pile head shapes can be designed, such as the dragon boat-shaped dumpling head, the cylindrical cola stack head, and the interesting piles of high and low. In order to increase the expressiveness of the product, the shape of the pile is selected according to the shape of the product, such as the Coca-Cola pile head is cylindrical, the purpose is to maximize the shape of the Coca-Cola cylindrical shape, attracting attention, and enhancing the customer. Impressed by the cola of the mall, thus promoting sales. Paper stacks are generally larger in size, and squares are used in larger proportions.


Cardboard cutouts:

Using cardboard cutouts can make information easier to convey, telling people what products, characteristics, companies and so on. The appearance is novel and chic, easy to install, free to carry, can be placed in front of the store product showcase or at the door, is a favorite product display tool for food, clothing, electrical appliances, cosmetics and other industries.


Order process:

According to the characteristics of the product, the promotion plan is selected the customer selects the style the manufacturer designs the structure suitable for the product size and weight the customer confirms the design collects the proofing fee, arranges the proofing sample confirmation, signs the contract pays the deposit produces the large goods informs the customer Goods and pay the balance factory delivery. All products are proofed for about 1 to 3 days. After the sample is satisfactory, the sample will be refunded in full. Can be shipped on behalf of customers (both domestic and international). As for the price of the product, it is determined according to your actual requirements (material, size, quantity, etc.), and all products are highly favored.