How To “Plant” the Furniture?


A British designer, Gavin Munro, spent five years personally "planting" furniture, which sounds incredible? In addition to being a designer, Gavin is also an environmentalist. By developing new technologies, he relied on air, water, mud and sunlight to grow small saplings alongside pre-made plastic models. In the process, the direction of growth of the small saplings is continuously trimmed and changed, and the branches are grafted and fixed. After the harvest season, it is naturally dried, and finally these small saplings grow into furniture of various shapes. Each of these “planted” pieces of furniture is unique, and the whole process is green, pollution-free and sustainable.

We don't have the technology, the time, the venue to carry the shovel to "plant" the furniture, and it is not so troublesome to get green furniture. Can you know cardboard furniture? When it comes to cardboard furniture, it is difficult for the public to associate the two traditional industries of paper making and furniture. The subconscious is skeptical: can cardboard furniture be good?

The following ones answer your questions:

1. What is cardboard furniture?

Made of paper materials such as corrugated cardboard, honeycomb paperboard and pulp, furniture that uses sufficient mechanical strength and combined with lamination, interpenetration, origami to make it have sufficient load-bearing capacity is called cardboard furniture.

2. Why choose cardboard furniture?

Compared with solid wood furniture, the price is close to the people; foldable for easy assembly and transportation, thus saving freight; pure paper furniture can be recycled and recycled, green and environmentally friendly; made of pure paper, no organic glue and paint, no organic volatiles such as formaldehyde For human health.

3. Cardboard furniture raw materials are still wood, and this is not contrary to the promotion of forest protection?

From a recyclable point of view, the paper can be recycled at least 10 times or more; from a functional alternative point of view, the use of 1 ton of paperboard for the production of paper furniture can replace about 15 to 20 cubic meters of wood, which means that paper furniture is comparable to Solid wood furniture saves wood, so it seems that it is not a kind of protection for the forest?

4. Cardboard furniture looks very fragile, sturdy, how about bearing?

Paper can be designed to achieve the same load-bearing capacity as traditional furniture.

6. Who is suitable for paper furniture?

Temporary conversion of office space, small young people renting a house, model house decoration, kindergarten children, window display, etc., especially suitable for small young people renting in big cities, it is not easy to move around, it is easy to understand, paper furniture is light weight, can be folded and assembled, The price is close to the people, especially for the shy graduates, the wood-colored paper furniture can add a little warmth to the rental house.