How to Make Acrylic Display Stand More Beautiful?


How to make acrylic display stand more beautifully and not easy to yellow. We guarantee the acrylic display stand process according to the following four points, and ensure that the acrylic display stand is light, weatherproof, impact resistant and easy to form.

The first is the selection of materials. The imported materials are of good quality. Purity is higher than domestic 20%, transparency is 15% higher, 10 years without discoloration and no yellowing.

The second is mold making. Acrylic sheets need to be vacuum-positioned and suction-molded. Even if they are the same word, different sizes require different molds, and the mold itself requires high precision and high quality. Because the precision and quality of the mold itself are directly related to the quality of the plexiglass product, and the mold production has a high level of technology, it requires experienced technicians.

The third is post production. As mentioned above, the production of acrylic display stands is basically mechanized. The application of some new equipments has greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers while improving production efficiency. After the acrylic plastic material is basically formed, it has to undergo several processes such as milling, boring and milling, and polishing. Finally, the acrylic display frame is used to lay the light source. After baking, the acrylic display frame is completed.

The fourth is picture processing. According to the different needs of customers, the screen is directly transferred to the acrylic display stand by screen printing, and then vacuum-pressed and formed, the figure has characters, animals or merchandise images, and can also be molded into a body effect, thereby obtaining more Good publicity effect.

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