How To Establish A Brand Image


"Only in the mouth, notdissolved in the hands" "Come into the bowl, hey, you go to thebowl." Many people hear these two slogans, immediately in their minds.

A bunch of colorfulchocolate beans are flashing. This is the charm of classic advertising, whichmakes people last forever.


The above two slogans areall from M&M’s brand advertisements of Mars, one of the world's largestfood producers.

The advertisements of thefun chocolate have always been such a relaxed and pleasant style that makespeople smile, and this style continues to the paper display shelves.




The large yellow appearanceis eye-catching and gives a feeling of lightness, hope and vitality. Two cutecartoon stars - red and yellow M

The bean is a funnyexpression, showing consumers the style of M&M’s easy-to-do.




This tower-shapedfloor-standing paper display shelves  stand has a small base area and a small andexquisite appearance. The M bean used for placing small packages is just awaste of resources.

Does not take up extraspace.


Standing in the supermarket,this red card is full of red M beans, wearing a bearskin hat, wearing a reduniform, and cos from the Royal British guarding Buckingham Palace.

The Guard, doing a funnyexpression to attract customers.




These orange cartons areboth a box and a display stand. When the box is removed, it is placed in apaper tray display, not only

Make the best use of it andsave time. Coupled with creative design, it successfully created a festiveatmosphere and became a holiday promotion tool.


These paper display shelare more uniform in style and are more interesting types. The attractive consumers are younger generations who like to be relaxed and happy.

The paper display shelves can establish the brand image to achieve the effect of media advertising, but the cost is lower.