How Do Small Things Get Big Attention


Tic Tac is achewing gum brand from Italy. It was founded in 1969 and belongs to FerreroConfectionery. Its quirky and interesting name comes from the "DI"when the chewing gum lid is closed and the "DA" when the lid isopened.


Recently, TicTac has launched three new T-Taste Gum (Tic Tac Gum) in the United States,which are fresh, mint and watermelon flavors.


In order to promote new products, Tic Tac used paper shelves with large-format advertising to sell in terminal retail.


When I saw thishalf-tray paper pile, many people were curious: Do small things like chewinggum need such a large paper stacking device?


In fact, TicTac's approach is not simply to set up products, more intention is to promotenew products.


Visible from theshape, the large-format dark blue is quite in line with the characteristics ofchewing gum, giving people a cool and cool feeling. With three large-formatproduct patterns, it has a visual impact and deepens consumers' impression ofnew products.


Tic Tac chose to tell consumers the new tastes in the form of paper stacks,which not only saved a large amount of advertising costs, but also showed consumers what our new products are, more directly and more specifically, to consumers. Brought a different experience from the past.


Therefore, the majority of supplier friends, if you do not plan to spend too much on media advertising, you can learn about Tic Tac's approach, the effect is more direct and faster!