Hidden Function of Pallet Display


If I said thatyou can build a house, open a zoo, or even move a beach in the supermarket,would you feel incredible?


Zoo in thesupermarket

This is a groupof promotional activities organized by Frito-Lay (a subsidiary of PepsiCo,which is mainly responsible for the production and sale of corn flakes, potatochips and other snack foods) in conjunction with a non-profit organization. Thenonprofit organization launched a SAFE program to help save endangered species.They use pallet display to build a bus full of wild animals, which will attractmore people to pay attention to this promotion, but also absorb the attentionof a large number of children, let children start small and protect wildanimals.


Move the beachinto the supermarket

In the hotsummer, the sun and the beach are the yearnings of many people. Le Shi Foodsimply moved the beach into the supermarket. The sand-colored appearance islike being on the beach. The sand-filled castle is filled with potato chips anddrinks. A pair of fathers and sons continue the project on the top. The warmscene makes people feel fascinated. This is the charm of the pallet display,the shape is changeable, the image is outstanding, and the function of displayand sale is perfectly taken care of.


Small house inthe supermarket

This large-scalescene built from multiple pallet display is in line with the children'simagination of the small forest house in the fairy tale. The colorfulappearance firmly grasps the child's eyes, and the candy biscuits in the houseare an unexpected surprise for them.

 Pallet displayare so varied, they can be used alone, or they can create large scenes duringholidays or promotions, move any landscape you think of into the supermarket,enjoy the idea with your customers, and leave a deep impression on them. Brandimpression.


This is thesecond most important feature of pallet display that you don't know.