Heineken Beer - The Taste of Summer


The correct way to open the summer is like this – WiFi,air conditioning, watermelon, beer ,smashed and crayfish. 

Speaking of beer, popularize a little knowledge. Beer is the oldest alcoholic drink in humans. It is the third-best drink in the world after water and tea. As early as in the 3rd century BC, Babylon appeared as a goddess of beer.

Heineken Brewery, the world's top beer brand, is not only a leader in the beer industry,but also a leader in a variety of fruit wines. Heineken has introduced a cider Appleman carefully prepared by the cider master.

In 1863,Heineken Brewery was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After more than 150 years of development, Heineken is not only the second-largest beer brewing company in the world, but more importantly, it is the world's largest beer exporter.

In order to promote this cider, Heineken has placed a huge door-type display stand in each supermarket. This type of door display is used in wine products, especially inboxes. It expands the overall scale of sales space, product promotion and promotion, and plays a more powerful role in promoting the promotion of ordinary display stand.


Although the door display stand is bulky, it is not limited to space. It can be placed in an open aisle or in front of the checkout counter.

In addition to the door-type paper shelves, this set of promotional programs, as well as vertical display stand and some OEM, floor stickers, etc., is a complete promotional program.