Good Cardboard Display Increase Sales


Point of sale items are those that create interest in the product on offer, or help stimulate the customer to make a purchasing decision. Clever use of merchandise items will result in increased sales

Merchandising includes branding and presentation of logos as well as highlighting prices,specials, or new products. A smart retailer draws attention to the areas where they want to increase sales, not to the items that already move quickly.


Here are some tips to get you started.  Place the slower moving lines next to the fast lines to increase exposure. Pop a bright or special ticket with the product or dangle a wobbler in front.


Sometimes just presenting the front face of the products in a smoother, more ordered way will make them more appealing. Shelf Management and stock control systems do this very well. Multiple facings of the one product will give it larger presence and draw attention to it.


Retail Display Solutions are everything from good ticketing to using dump bins, to feeding the stock to the front of the shelf. All are important aspects of good retail display. Whether you need to display fresh fruit, gumboots or gift ware, the principles are the same, good retail display increases sales.