Film Cardboard Display Rack


With the country's emphasis on and development of the cultural industry, the film and television industry has embarked on a new level in recent years. As the world's second largest film market, China has gradually been valued by the world's film giants. In order to connect the Chinese market with the global market, Film distribution is also very particular about whether the film appeal is in place. Whether it is very important to make a cardboard display rack  for the film is very important. Choosing a good prop is essential for the success of marketing. So what are the advantages of film cardboard display rack ?

• Advantages of film cardboard display rack

(1), environmental protection is light, low cost and high safety factor.

(2), the color is outstanding, the shape is changeable, and the theme can be highlighted.

(3) It is easier to express theemotional appeal of the film and interact with the audience.



(1), multi-layer stereoscopic modeling

Multi-layered cardboard display rack are much more complicated than regular square stereo posters. The elements of the screen are extracted. Each element is layered separately or in combination.This kind of poster is more stereoscopic than ordinary stereo posters, and the visual impact is stronger and more Shocking, but the assembly is more complicated. If you don't have  professional production experience, it is very easy to cause single layer elements to bend and deform.

(2), interactive

The film emphasizes emotional expression. Whether a film cardboard display rack licensing can convey the core emotion of the movie to the audience and resonate with it may determine the key factor for the successful sale of the film. Therefore, many film cardboard display rack releases will design and audience for the film's emotional appeal.Interaction design, deepen the impression of the audience from the interactive link, and the cardboard display rack that can interact with the audience is also easier to win the audience'sword-of-mouth publicity, the cost depends on the specific materials.

(3), a variety of materialapplications

In order to be able to highlight the theme of the film, the film cardboard display rack often uses avariety of materials and accessories to highlight the theme of the fil such as the use of string lights, LCD monitors, etc.