Evian Paper Shelf Wins


In the eyes of unfamiliar people, the paper display rack is only a tool for displaying good sand assisting display.

This is not the case. A good paper display stand can design and produce works that closely match the characteristics of the product according to the characteristics of the product,and promote sales.

The French Evian Mineral Water brand, known for its natural purity and youthful health image, has designed a minimalist paper display rack to continue the concept of “Live Young Young” and to match the characteristics of the products.

▲ Brand introduction

Evian, a natural mineral water brand from Evian, France. Directly bottled in the water source, no human contact, no chemical treatment, more than 300 water quality inspections everyday. In France, Evian is not only a young person, but also a trusted choice for pregnant and lactating mothers.

The paper display stand is simple in shape, the base is stable in weight, and the three compartments are placed in three different weights. It is a typical layered paper display stand.


In terms of color, in order to match the simplicity of the product, only white and pink are used. Pink is reminiscent of the good looks on the girl's face, white makes people feel pure.

The combination of the two is often used in women's products and maternal and child products, while Evian mineral water is the choice of most young breastfeeding mothers in France.

This is in line with the concept that Evian wants to convey to consumers, natural, pure, and live your young health.

Simple but not simple, don't underestimate this display stand.

It won the Grand Prize in the category of the German Packaging Awards, and this award is the best value for it.