Electronic Products Display Stand


The electronic industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China, far higher than the average growth rate of other manufacturing industries. The continuous and rapid growth of the industry and its huge market potential also make the electronics industry the manufacturing industry with the largest amount of foreign investment and the fastest growth rate, making China the largest exporter of electronic product accessories. Exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asian countries.

To cope with the diversified market and foreign distributors can more convenient distribution, now many electronic products manufacturers will choose the matching display paper shelves to customers.

The following is WOW Display of customized paper shelves for electronics manufacturers.

Skullcandy headphone display stand, mainly used for Walmart:

E Cigarette paper display stand:

High-heavy load-bearing mobile phone accessories paper display rack:

LED Bulbs Display Stand:

Power Bank Counter Top Display Stand:


Cardboard display stand features:

1. Promotional display, there is a strong advertising value, the cardboard display stand is easy to print, the screen is unlimited, the printing content is rich and colorful.

2. The cost is low and the price of paper racks is much lower than that of organic glass and metal and wooden racks.

3. Convenience, cardboard display stand can be flat packed, small size, very light, removable folding, but also three-dimensional shipping.

4. Environmental protection can be recycled and cost-effective.

Not only the electronics industry, toys, food, beverages, clothing, stationery, sporting goods, IT products, daily necessities, cosmetics, automotive supplies, music, books and other industries can be universal oh. WOW can customize for free, so that your product is better, more convenient and more cost-effective.