Different Kinds of Christmas Display Stands


It is the mid of 2018, another pair of eyes, Christmas is coming! Presumably, all major manufacturers are trying to engage in activities for end-user retail activities, attract customers, and promote products. In fact, to attract customers is nothing more than packaging and Christmas display stands, want to stand out in a wide array of goods, perhaps the Christmas display stands is your best choice. Whether it is a beautiful pattern, a unique shape, or a large-format advertising campaign, Christmas display stands can meet the demand. Not only can you place merchandise but also attract customers' attention and create a Christmas atmosphere! Below, please see how the brain-drilled designer helped the manufacturers play shelves on Christmas Day.

Ordinary layered Christmas display stands in the designer's hands, after adding the red color, Santa Claus and other Christmas elements, come face to face with a strong Christmas atmosphere! This type of Christmas display stands is larger and more eye-catching and has a larger space for accommodation. It can also be designed for single-sided, double-sided, and four-sided designs depending on the product. It can also be stacked, combined, and has a wide range of applications. , daily necessities, electronics and other commodities are suitable for such Christmas display stands.

This type of Christmas display stands is mostly based on the shape of certain elements of Christmas, plus the product and its own Christmas activities, a certain concept conveyed by the brand business to divergent thinking, make a more refreshing, very creative Christmas Festival display stand, this type of Christmas display stands can also be used with led lights, LCD display, engine device collocation design effect is better.

The bulk of the cardboard is not to mention, the space is very large, and the boxy Christmas gifts are more appropriate. The designer cleverly used the "gift" element in Christmas gifts to design the boxy paper piles into a beautiful gift box with a bow on top, which really resembled a big gift. When a customer purchases a product, he feels like he has to take a gift.

In addition to the above big head, there are some small display boxes placed on the table. This type of carton is relatively simple, as long as it is printed with Christmas atmosphere elements, a little design of the shape, and finally made into the form of a box, shipped to the store open to sell, save the cost of packaging. More suitable for small items, such as chewing gum, chocolate, lipstick, etc., small and exquisite, you do not feel sorry when you pay for one.

There are a wide variety of goods, and the paper shelves on which goods are placed are ever-changing.

Maybe your product is just a perfect cardboard display away from the explosion!

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