Diet Coca-Cola Reclaims "Second Peak Period"


In the age of health, more and more consumers are beginning to pursue healthy diets. As a carbonated beverage giant, Coca-Cola has inevitably experienced an overall decline in sales over the past few years.

In order to please and attract more young consumers, Coca-Cola has made a series of changes to its brand of zero-calorie Diet Coke to reshape its brand image.


is a sugar-free,calorie-free soft drink. This product was first launched in the US on August 9,1982 and is the first extended brand of the Coca-Cola Company. Today, Diet Coca is one of Coca-Cola's largest and most successful brands, with products sold in more than 150 markets around the world.

Rafael Acevedo, director of the North American Coca-Cola Group, said: "This time we have not only introduced four new flavors, but also a new fashion design for the original packaging."

The first is the bottle"slimming", from the original chubby bottle to the now slim bottle.From the visual marketing to imply the consumer - Diet Coke will not let yougain weight.


In addition to the change of the bottle body, a series of other packaging also changed with the bottle body.This time, the beverage giant chose to work with retail giant Wal-Mart to launch a simple and stylish paper display shelf that was only displayed at Wal-Mart.

The top of the paper display shelf is a small grid, criss-crossing the flavors of Diet Coke, each small lattice is just the height of a bottle of beverage.


In the middle of the paper displayshelf is a groove. Ingeniously, the designer connected the small lattice at thetop to the groove in the middle and designed it to be an automatic vendingmachine.

The customer can take thedrink from above, the small child can take the drink from the groove, take abottle, the top grid will automatically add a bottle to the groove outlet, thedesign is inspired by the vending machine.


The entire paper display shelf has no extra patterns and fancy cut shapes, just a simple and elegant"automatic vending machine".

The display surface is large white, with a striking red Coca-Cola logo on the top and a new flavor on the left and right.

In the blank space, there are several orange sparks on the Wal-Mart LOGO, which indicates that the health cola is rejuvenated.


The bottom of the bottom is printed with a slogan in the colors represented by the five flavors:

Because you need a BREAK from the ORDINARY ("because you need to break the routine").

From the change of Diet Coke, it also brings some new ideas to other retailers:

If you want to rejuvenate your product, what you lack may be the courage to break the routine. Start with packaging, and turn around again. The opportunity is ahead.