Cute Oranges Boxes


Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, is rich in oranges. It has the finest orange varieties in the world, among which the oranges produced by Arita are the most famous. KINPACHI MIKAN is the top orange brand that was born in Japan. It is generally called Arita Golden Eight Orange.


If you classify according to the quality of the orange, the highest grade of orange, the flesh is sweet and juicy, and the peel is so thin that even the baby can eat it, but the top orange can only pick one out of 100 Wakayama oranges.


This super fresh and lovely orange box is designed for the top orange KINPACHI MIKAN 1/100.


The design idea and product concept of “One Hundred and One Pick” are also very consistent, so that you can see the brightest one at a glance in the orange pile, and it also means that the quality of the golden eight oranges is top, and it is all in one hundred.

 In addition to the box designed for the top oranges, there is also a white cardboard box,which also makes people can not help but marvel: too cute too cute!


Because it is too cute, the size is right, and the Japanese mother who is reluctant to throw it away will also use it to store the children's toys.