Customized Acrylic Display Stands


Acrylic display stands have been used more and more in shopping malls, exhibitions, and stores, and have been loved and recognized by POP market. The boutique acrylic display stand has also get attention from customers. Merchants are also aware of the benefits of the acrylic display stand, have to find professional manufacturers to customize the acrylic display stand. However, what is the process of customizing the acrylic display stand? Many friends don't understand the process. Today, WOW will share the detailed detailed process of the acrylic display stand.


1. Requirements.

Tell us about the custom requirements of your display stand, we will do the design for you free of charge. Or provide us with your drawings, picture, size, packaging requirements and printing requirements of your company, also according to customer requirements; co-designed to customize a variety of acrylic display stand for market demand.


2. Structural design

After confirming the design of the display stand, we will arrange 2-3 designers with more than 8 years of industry experience to make detailed structural design for you.


3. Making samples

We will arrange the production department to produce sample display racks, and the business department will take the lead. The design department, engineering department, QC quality inspection department and production department will cooperate to carry out multiple samples, determine sample quality inspection standards and review sample shipments.


4. Pre-production

We will make detailed bulk quotations for you according to the sample standard and the quantity of delivery, delivery, logistics and other information provided by you, and inform you to confirm the order. The deposit is paid according to the type of the customer and the quantity of the order quantity, generally 30% of the total amount. Our company will purchase the raw materials within 24 hours after receiving the deposit, and arrange the production according to the delivery date.


5. Mass production

After you place an order, we will develop the first piece of the large display for you to reconfirm. After the error, we will carry out the large-scale production and testing according to the quality inspection standard of this sample and your requirements. You can visit the factory at any time during the inspection.


6. Shipping, payment, inspection

We will test and collect many times in the production of large goods, giving you 100% quality assurance. After confirming the completion of the large package, we will arrange the delivery to inform you of the acceptance. Shenzhen City, the cash on delivery, Shenzhen City, the first payment of the balance, our company will provide the logistics number after receiving the payment.